Keys to Breakthrough in Business

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You may be looking for a financial breakthrough, a relationship breakthrough, a communication breakthrough or simply wanting to hear the voice of God clearer than you have before, then this 4-part audio series is exactly what you need and what you have been looking for.

During the series you will hear from 4 experts in their specific fields on how to obtain breakthrough. They are:

Spiritual Breakthroughs – Wes Leake, CEO Business Blessings takes you through key areas where spiritual blockages can affect your personal and business lives. It is not only about stating what those blockages are, but keys to removing them. You will be surprised by what is covered in this audio.

Personal Responsibilty – Kristin Lindeen, Vice-President QBQ – Eliminate blame, complaining and procrastination with our special guest who will help you reframe the questions that you are asking and share how accountability, responsibility and ownership can transform your life.

The Daily Meeting that Changes Everything – Bob Beaudine, CEO Eastman & Beaudine – Your most important meeting on your daily schedule. Our special guest will give you simple, yet hugely effective strategies for meeting with God every day in your business.

Heart-to-Heart Communication with Paul & Jenni – learn how to communicate with anyone quickly and effectively. Everyone needs to be appreciated, validated and understood – learn how to do all that!

Each audio contains practical steps that you can take to see breakthrough in each of these four areas now.

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Your Breakthrough is onits way!