LifeFile - Put your affairs in order BEFORE you travel!

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You're anticipating wonderful sights and experience. But if you're like most people, you don't imagine you could be stranded, ill, injured or robbed while you are away!

How would YOU manage in an urgent situation, far from home?

Even if you contact a friend or family member, how quickly can they act to help you without easy access to your details?

LifeFile's simple system brings organisation and peace of mind. You can't control every aspect of our life. But you CAN take steps to ensure you protect your own best interests - and your family's.

Pick up a pencil and fill in your LifeFile folder. It summarises your personal facts, health and financial details, and importantly, gives document locations. In an emergency, reading a LifeFile is easier and quicker than getting into a strange computer.

Family crisis prompted LifeFile. When Jeff Camp's father became terminally ill, Jeff immediately had to make decisions to help him. He needed fast access to his father's personal information - from heaLth insurance to tax matters. But he had to sift through a chaotic mess of papers to get it.

Afterwards Jeff created LifeFile, a handy folder that records the critical facts you need at such times. Now this easy resources is readily available to you and your family for $19.97 plus $2.95 p&h. (NOTE: FREE POSTAGE ON ORDERS UP UNTIL 1 DECEMBER 2017)

Order a copy for you and all your family members today!

It also comes with an unconditional (even if your dog ate it) 100% Money Back Guarantee. In short if you're not happy with your LifeFile just let us know and we will refund your money in full.