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“It’s all up here,” he’d say, tapping his forehead and
winking. “Just don’t ever leave me!” she’d reply.
Like many men, he prided himself on his sharp mind, and
the way he kept all their affairs in order. Banking. Legal
stuff. Insurance. Shares. Boring, she thought.

They say you can’t take it with you, but he did! And so
quickly! All that knowledge, buried with him.

It was tough on her. Tougher on their children. In the midst
of their grief, they had to reconstruct all that information
the hard way. What WAS his life insurance company? Was
that his last will – or was there another?

LifeFile could have prevented this extra grief and stress.

LifeFile creator Jeff Camp had a similar situation.

Afterwards, he decided to make a handy resource that
ANYONE could use, to summarise important who/what/
where information and any instructions.

The result? A simple folder with prompts for personal,
health, finance and funeral information. You fill it in with
a pencil, so it’s easily updated, and tell your family where it is. And it’s THERE when needed. No trawling on a
strange computer.

It’s very affordable too. Just $9.97 each and when you order.

Order a copy for each member of your family.

It also comes with an unconditional (even if your dog ate
it) 100% Money Back Guarantee. In short if you’re not
happy with your LifeFile® just let us know and we will
refund your money in full.

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